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Gregory the Yetibear by tachophobia Gregory the Yetibear by tachophobia
why is this uploading sideways it is a vertical picture in all my programs.

have you ever seen a puppy who hasn't grown into his paws yet? that's gregory. much like puppies with too-big feet, greg is very clumsy. as a result, he is rather shy. if you can convince him to talk, you'll find out he has a passion for foreign films and day-old bread.

not much was outwardly wrong with the original teddybear aside from the usual holes. however, it was a "singing" bear that mustve gotten washed at some point. the voice box (which i think used to play a christmas carol) got ruined somehow and played the creepiest, most distorted song i've ever heard. it was downright scary.
PetaloMaM Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011
Cute little dude.
My cousin had a talking baby doll that randomly and without warning picked up taxi radio frecuency and started talking to her at night, with a hoarse crackly voice, about what passengers had been doing in the back seat.
tachophobia Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011
that would be very frightening, especially if your cousin was pretty young. my sister had a furby that did something like that too, except we think it mustve been a truck driver because at random intervals it would spew this alarming noise that sounded like a horn. i hope your cousin isnt too leery of baby dolls; i think i would stay away from them if one started talking to me in typical creepy-taxi-driver speak.
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